What are "Mapbytes"?

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What are "Mapbytes"?

Postby Adrian » Mon Sep 19, 2005 2:13 pm

Note: This post is largely a copy and paste from http://www.geobytes.com/FAQ.htm#Mapbytes

Someone wrote:What are "Mapbytes"?

Mapbytes are a micro payment system that allows you to purchase IP Location resolutions from Geobytes, and then use them (amongst other things) to remove the advertisement from your GeoPhrase.

Mapbytes provides a way for us to provide a paid version of our GeoDirection, GeoPhrase and GeoFlag services for those who do not want the links or ads that come with the free versions of these services.

Which services can I use Mapbytes with?
Mapbytes currently works with GeoDirection, GeoPhrase and GeoFlag.
Mapbytes can also be used with the IP locator page to remove the blocking once the hourly limit has been reached. See this post for how to authenticate and access the IP Locator programmatically.

How does Mapbytes work with these services?
You provide us with the url for the site on which you have a GeoPhrase or GeoFlag or are using GeoDirection on.
This url is then "authorized" to use the Mapbytes that you have purchased to remove the links or ads associated with the free version of these services.

If you are using Mapbytes with the IP locator page, then you do not need to configure any urls. You simply need to login to the Client Services Center before you start using the IP locator. Once logged in you can then go to the IP locator page and commence your IP lookups. You are only charged for any lookups performed over the hourly limit.

How does the paid version of these services differ from the free versions?
With the paid versions of GeoDirection, GeoPhrase or GeoFlag you will no longer have any links or ads for Geobytes. More specifically with the GeoDirection and GeoPhrase service the 1 in 50 popup ad is removed and with GeoFlag the link to our page is removed.

So what do I have to do to remove these links or ads?
Just purchase some Mapbytes resolutions from our buy page.
Once your payment is completed, you will be directed to enter the url of your site and that's it.
You can enter as many urls as needed and you can add or edit these url's as often as you wish from within our Client Services Center.

What happens if my resolutions run out? Will the GeoDirection, GeoPhrase or GeoFlag service stop working.
No, they will all continue to work, but they will revert back to the free service, where in they will have links or ads to our site or sponsor. To remove these links again just purchase further Mapbytes resolutions.

How are the Mapbytes resolutions counted?
Basically there is a charge of 1 Mapbyte per visitor to your site. When using Mapbytes with GeoDirection, GeoPhrase, or GeoFlag, then requests from the same IP address within the same 10 minute period do not incur a further charge. If you are using Mapbytes with the IP locator page, then 1 Mapbyte is counted for each IP lookup performed.

I have both a GeoFlag and a GeoPhrase on my page. How will my Mapbytes resolutions be counted?
As we said above, requests from the same IP address within the same 10 minute period do not incur a further charge regardless of how many geographic elements appear on your page.

What do I need to enter as my url?
You need to enter sufficient information to uniquely identify the site or page which you wish to authorize to use your Mapbytes. If you share your domain with others, then you need to be careful to ensure that this url uniquely identifies your site. You may wish to enter your url with and without the www so that all requests are counted. (No URL is required to use Mapbytes with the IP Locator.)

I have registered my url, but the link/ad is still there. Why?
Mapbytes relies on the referring url being sent with the request. If your browser is not sending the referring url, then we can't determine who to associate the Mapbytes request with and accordingly the phrase will be shown as a free request and will display the advertisement. You are not charged any Mapbytes for this request.

If I use GeoDirection or GeoPhrase on more than one page on my website do I have to buy Mapbytes for each page?
Your Mapbytes can be used on multiple pages and sites at the same time. All you need to do is enter the URL for the sites or pages in your list of Mapbytes url's, using our Client Services Center.
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Have you tried the Local Search facility on the IP Locator Page yet?
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Re: What are "Mapbytes"?

Postby NateJames » Thu Feb 16, 2012 3:01 pm

Are there any alternatives to mapbytes or are they the best?
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